Creating a Team Member Plugin

Over the coming weeks, we are going to build an immersive plugin that will allow user to simply and  easily add Team Members and then display them on their site.

Who Is The Tutorial Aimed At?

If you are good at copy and pasting, then you can probably make use of this tutorial.

However, this series is aimed at Intermediate WordPress Developers that have an understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP and that also means I expect you to have a IDE Text Editor like Coda, Sublime, Notepad++, Brackets or PHP Storm.

It is also expected that you will know how to install WordPress locally on your machine using either Desktop Server, MAMP, WAMP or Local

If you need to learn how to install WordPress locally, you can follow my tutorial using MAMP here.

So What Are We Going to Build?

First of all we are going to build a Team Member custom post type in the backend that will make it easy to add in staff and also incorporates field designed to add in Social Links, Phone Number and Email to display on the frontend

Team CPT View

How's That Going To Look On The Front End?

We are going to use WordPress standards to add the page template via our plugin, we will do this in a way that other developers will be able to write their own designs within their own theme.

All our CSS will also only be loaded when the team member is being viewed, this way resources are not being loaded unnecessarily.

Team Single Member View

What About Viewing All Team Members?

As with viewing a single team member, we are going to add our team view page within the plugin that can easily be overridden by other developers should they want to.

Our style sheets are also only loaded when required as per WordPress standards

Archive Team Member View

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