7 Quick Tips About Common Website Problems

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Do you have any of these website problems?

In this we look at the 7 most common website problems we find when reviewing customer existing sites. We also step you through some tips to resolve them.

1: You have a “brochure website” not a “Website that sells”

  • It looks fine, but right now it just functions as a normal paper brochure that has just been posted online
  • To compete online, you need to think about your website as an extension of your sales department. Think of it as a salesman, that works around the clock to help the customer proceed to the point where they are ready to make a purchase. Your company website should be your most prized asset.
  • A good company website should focus on describing the problems the customer is having. This way the customer will feel understood. It should also give the customer the opportunity to do something on your site that will help solve their problem.
  • As your website is now, it mostly just describes what your business does, instead of getting the interested customer to feel emotionally connected and attracted to the benefits, that your products/services can do

What I suggest you do to solve this problem is:

For every service/product you’ve got, write some text that makes the customer more interested in the service/product.

  • What problems are the customer experiencing right now
  • How your service/product can solve the problems for the customers
  • Why the customer should choose you over the competition
  • Give them a small push towards getting the customer to actively choose you. It could be an offer of a free phone consultation, some sales material or something else.

These are some of the things a normal salesman would talk to a potential customer about, if he was meeting with them, and your site should do the exact same thing.

2: You do not collect names and emails of visitors

This is really important and one of the biggest website problems we encounter!

People may have found your website on Google or maybe they came because they were recommended your company by a friend. Or maybe they came from a link from another website. And then there are those people that saw your ad in a trade magazine or newspaper and went to your website to get more information, before they will contact you by phone.

So, what’s happening is that you are spending a whole lot of advertising money on getting visitors to your site. And a select few will find your phone number, call you, and order your product. BUT, there is actually a whole lot of people that really are interested, but they are not ready to call your company and place an order yet.

Studies have shown, that when you are dealing with people that are looking for high-cost products, you can split them into 3 groups.

50% will never buy
3% will buy immediately
47% will buy within the next 18 months

These 47% are people in the “research phase”. They have a problem they need fixed, but they are still looking for the right company to help them solve the problem. When they are on your site, they are looking for a .pdf file with some reports or other exciting information for them to read and learn.

It is these 47% that really is a great opportunity to you. If you do not get the email address of these 47% potential customers, there is a big chance that they eventually will choose one of your competitors.

What I suggest you do to solve this problem is:

Trade their email address for a free .pdf report with some very valuable information for people in the “research phase”. Eg. The title could be “Avoid costly mistakes – 5 things to consider BEFORE buying”.
Now that you’ve collected their email address, you can set up an automated email series that will send the customer an email every month for the next 18 months. The emails should contain helpful articles and videos that will feel as a help by those in the “research phase”. They will be appreciative of these emails and remember you for helping them research.
This way, you will build a closer relationship with the customer and they will start to trust you. Now when they finally are ready to make a purchase, you can be sure that they will choose your company over the competitors. It does not cost extra to collect email addresses, you already paid to have visitors come to your site, so you might as well collect their email addresses and followup on the 47% that still are not sure yet.
This is a huge opportunity that you currently are missing out on.

3: You focus on features of your product instead of customer benefits

You give very objective descriptions of your services/products, instead of focusing on what your services/products can do for your potential customers.
Customers just want to know how their lives will be improved with your product. They don’t care about the technical descriptions of the product itself.

4: You do not use headlines to catch the interest of visitors

Headlines are the most important piece of text on your website and one of the most common website problems we encounter.
If you e.g. read a newspaper, you will not read through every column of text. No, what you do is you skim the text to see if there is a headline that catches your interest.
Without headlines, you can’t even read a newspaper – the same is true for websites
Statistically, you have 4-5 seconds to catch the interest of your website visitors. If you don’t, they will go right back to Google and continue on to one of your competitors.

What I suggest you do to solve this problem is:

Make some big headlines that is customer oriented and focuses on customer value.

5: You do not have any customer recommendations

You should view your website as a real life salesman. A good salesman would always use prior customers experiences and recommendations to help the potential client make a decision. Your website should do the same thing.
Testimonials from current or prior customers, can have a massive effect on visitors in the research phase. “If they had him solve his problem, they can probably fix my problem too” the visitor thinks. It creates trust.

What I suggest you do to solve this problem is:

I’m sure you already have a lot of satisfied customers. Contact them and ask if they will send you a recommendation by email.
Customer recommendations should be visible on all the different products you’ve got. You need enough to cover all the different product groups you offer.

6: You do not have a customer friendly design/navigation

Your site is not friendly with a good user experience

Some examples of this are:

  • Design is dated and not pretty
  • Not responsive/mobile optimized
  • Navigation is confusing. It should be intuitive and logical.
  • Bad quality images – Low resolution (Most new computers/tablets have high resolution. So yout site will look tiny)

7: Your “Call-to-actions” are weak

A “Call-to-action” is an area on your site that asks your visitor to take a certain action.

– E.g. Your phone number up in the right hand corner with the message in bold “Call now for a free, no-strings-attached consultation”. A call-to-action like this will help the 3% of the visitors that are ready to buy to call you right away.
These were the 7 most common discoveries we find with most websites and their existing website problems.

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